Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Whew, traveling does not lend itself to meal planning.I intend to get back on track this week!

Here were some more culinary highlights from the road:

1. This snack mix was our last "road trip food," and it's a winner:

2. We had amazing shrimp at this restaurant in Georgia: Along with the shrimp? Black-eyed peas, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, stuffed collard greens, and peach cobbler. It was a good meal after a day cruising on bicycles and unintentionally teasing jelly fish.

3. And really good pizza+lemonade here: .

4. And excellent grits at a diner in Bryson City, NC.

5. A cafe au lait here was superb. And the ambiance was so sunny.

6. We took a little detour to the Baldwin Farms, which I've mentioned before, at least once, here. We met the cows and the rancher and it was great. We plan to continue to get our beef from there.

7. The best meals, though, may have been the almost daily peanut butter sandwiches, slightly squished and carried in a blue backpack, consumed mid-hike in the midst of humidity, butterflies, and sunshine.

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