Sunday, May 4, 2014


Please excuse the delay. We were travelling and meals were all over the place. With that in mind, 7 nutrition highlights from the past two weeks:

1. Souffle! I followed this recipe: I read this beforehand which boosted my confidence:
I was also inspired by Daisy from Downton Abbey and her souffle skillz. Dr. Who also referenced a souffle recently. As it rose in the oven, I read this,, which I will reread next time I attempt souffle. Anyway, the final result was tasty and rich. It was fantastique.

2. My parents' brunch. This included pancakes, raspberries, and whipped cream. Delish.

3. Lunch at The Red Iguana. Did you know that they now serve mole with just sauteed vegetables, if that is how one would prefer her mole? I love everything about this place, and the company with which this meal was enjoyed..

4. Peanut butter sandwich. I found this interesting: On one of my flights, they made an announcement that someone on board had a severe peanut allergy and could all passengers please refrain from eating any peanut-containing products while on board? The sandwich, so lovingly made, sat in my bag. During the subsequent layover in which I actually took it out and ate it whilst standing at the gate? Amazing! The anticipation and fear of causing anaphylactic shock made it taste even sweeter.

5. A's tandoori chicken pizza. He nailed it. I hope it can be repeated.

6. Ciabatta bread. This was made in prep for tomorrow's dinner. I followed this recipe exactly (chosen because it did not require a starter), and the result is juuuuust what we were aiming for. The hardest part was beating it with a wooden spoon. Gotta work on those biceps! But worth it, worth those ten minutes of muscular exertion.

7. Pandebono. My father made this, and it's great. When reheated for 10 seconds in the microwave, even days later? Also great.