Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rotisseries & Pistou

Last week's dinners:

Sunday: chicken and green salad
(The chicken was cooked for a few hours on a rotisserie on the grill outside. We used hickory chips. It smelled wonderful. Also, I love using my knot-tying skills to properly truss. A did the rest of the work).

Monday: roast beef and roasted cauliflower
(It was a roast kind of night)

Tuesday: spring rolls with peanut sauce
(With chicken from Sunday and shredded cabbage. So I don't forget, I used: green onions, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and cilantro in these wraps.
"Spring roll skin," purchased years ago in AZ. Apparently it lasts forever.
A made the peanut sauce, the main ingredients being peanut butter and chili flakes).
Spring rolls. Trust me. 

Wednesday: gyro-inspired burgers
(Ground beef + ground lamb patties with feta cheese, tomatoes, mayo, and lettuce... on kaiser rolls)

Thursday: burgers again (leftovers)

Friday: soup al pistou
(Thanks to Angela for providing the recipe and inspiration: . This was delicious. Annnd, using an immersion blender in a measuring cup totally worked for the pistou--instead of a food processor. Also, there is no fennel bulb in Meadville, but fennel seed seemed to work just fine).

Saturday: more soup and spring rolls
(delicious leftovers)

Bonus: Last week, the hospital had a fundraiser, selling fancy sweets. We received some very elaborate gourmet fudge, three little sticks, each the size of longish human thumb (weird analogy, but what else is that size? What else to compare it to?). Each night, we sliced off a wee bit of fudge and ended dinner with a sweet treat. The picture was probably taken midweek.So pretty.
Flavors from bottom to top: raspberry, orange, salted caramel.

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  1. wooohooo! soup au pistou! and i loved that you did the immersion blender thing in a measuring cup. and i. love. spring. rolls. sounds delish!