Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cucumbers and Call

Last week's meals:
(This week's theme seemed to be pure spontaneity/impulsiveness)...

Sunday: cute cucumber sandwiches, with butter, tomato, and salt on soft wheat bread
(Once upon a time, A introduced me to butter on sandwiches, and ya know? Sometimes it's like, perfect).

Monday: leftover lentils and beef
(Grateful for our freezer)

Tuesday: stirfry vegetables with shrimp
(All previously frozen, from Costco, with the usual seasonings)

Wednesday: sweet potato sliders
(These were unexpectedly awesome.Imagine a sandwich where instead of bread, it's roasted sweet potato slices. They were seasoned with: olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano.And on the inside is: havarti cheese, a tiny dollop of Miracle Whip, sliced avocado, sauted mushrooms, and a few slices of vegan pepperoni (that was bought on a whim and I had been wondering how to use ever since). This was the recipe that inspired it and the directions I followed for the sweet potato slices. Except that we used the orange-colored sweet potato and it was still swell. We obviously had totally different filling. . )

Thursday: Previously frozen fish and garlic-y, soy sauce-y green beans, preceded by patacones
(It was that frozen fish that comes in yellow boxes and is pre-seasoned. It was on sale recently at the grocery. Annnd, it made me weirdly nostalgic for med school when I would eat the same yellow-boxed fish every so often. The patacones were from very decent Walmart plantains. Eating those ALSO made me nostalgic. Though they didn't achieve my mother's level of perfection, the basic flavor/texture was still there).

Friday: cereal and fancy food?
(We were both on call, in different cities. I definitely had cereal, which is a really comforting dinner actually. I'd like to think A had a gourmet meal courtesy of his employer).

Saturday: emphasis on green beans
(More call. More separate meals. I had fish sticks and leftover green beans from earlier in the week. I envision another hospital meal for A, maybe soda and yogurt and graham crackers? Yeesh).

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