Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crab and Summertime

Last week's meals:

Sunday: baked tofu with zucchini-mushroom-onion 
I just learned about baking tofu! Our previous fav way to prepare it involved coating with cornstarch and frying in oil. With lots of googling, I landed on: pressing tofu, cutting into cubes, spraying with cooking spray, sprinkling with seasoning, and baking in the oven, turning once. I think it baked for about 20 minutes or so on each side. It was crisp-on-the-outside and yummy. The veggies were cooked slowly with spices on the stove top and mixed  with tofu when everything was done.

Monday: crab dip and lentil chips
(We had recently purchased some lump crab meat. A mixed it with some cheeses and baked it. Then we ate it with seemingly schmancy chips-made-from-lentils).

Tuesday: kebabs and yogurt
(These were spicy. I needed the yogurt!)

Wednesday: steak and green beans
(There was quite a rainstorm on Wednesday. And a tornado warning. At least we were well fed).

Thursday: chiles rellenos 
(We roasted some chile peppers on the grill, then peeled off most of the black-bubbly skin, sliced them lengthwise and scooped out the seeds, then filled them with the leftover crab dip from Monday. Then they were baked for a few minutes. They were great, though peeling the roasted skin was a bit tricky. I'm wondering how necessary it is?)

Friday: spicy chicken on the grill, kebab style
(We may have had some grilled veggies on the side). 

Saturday: seafood pasta
(We used the rest of the lump crab meat, added some shrimp from the freezer, added leftover grilled bell peppers & onions, cooked it in a white sauce and served it with rotini pasta. Saturday was spent nearly all outdoors--first day of summer--and this was an awesome treat. A made it in about 20 minutes while I worked on our wee "garden." .Also, for dessert, we went to Hank's Frozen Custard, which meant summer has officially arrived. 

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