Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last week's meals:

Sunday: mixed grill
(Remember in The Power of One, where Peekay eats a "mixed grill" meal? I think that's what I'd call Sunday's dinner. Various deliciousness, all cooked on the grill, in the summer sun).

Monday: leftovers
(Because that's how Mondays are).

Tuesday: Chipotle
(With my sister! I picked her up at the Big City airport and we dined afterwards. We also learned that if you order a vegetable salad, but don't get rice or cheese or any other extras, AND just one type of salsa: the charge is only $4.75. They called it a Three Pointer. This was new to us, and apparently there are other ways to order a Three Pointer).

Wednesday: tuna and grilled veggies, preceded by patacones

Thursday: sweet potato sliders and egg rolls
(The sweet potato sliders were similar to a previous post. The egg rolls had cole slaw mix and baked tofu squares. I would like to learn how to steam egg rolls, but tonight was not the night for that endeavor. We just baked them).

Friday: daal chawal
(Because, as I've mentioned before, I love these lentils that A makes. He graciously made them for all of us. My sister took careful notes).

Saturday: grilled portabello mushrooms and zucchini, with caprese salad & avocados, AND strawberries for dessert
(I love this time of year so very much. The tomatoes were from a local farm and tasted like it. Gone are the anemic grocery store tomatoes of yesterweek. The basil came from our wee pot. The strawberries? We spent the morning picking those in a local field. Also, Colombia won their World Cup game, so yeah, it was a good day).
My sister, juuust starting to pluck strawberries.


  1. Heavenly! Strawberry picking has just begun around here as well...nothing like fresh fruit and veg from the garden!

  2. Agreed:) Hope you will enjoy some strawberries as well!