Sunday, July 6, 2014


I know summer is nice in many places. Here, it is also really really nice.

Last week's meals:

Sunday: late lunch/early dinner Rachel's Roadhouse
(We tried to take my sister to all iconic places of Northwestern Pennsylvania. So, obviously, one of our last stops was Rachel's).

Monday: daal, leftovers
(Now that I've been more systematically keeping track of our meals, I've learned that Mondays are long days at work for both of us, and we pretty much rely on leftovers. Hooray for lentils again. And yogurt. And garlic. I worried only a little about potential garlic breath if I were to get called back into the hospital at night).

Tuesday: grilled portobellos, tomatoes, basil etc
(To quote a three-year-old I know, "deeeeeee-licious!")

Wednesday: quinoa with mixed blessings, and strawberries for dessert
(We ate a recently rediscovered box of quinoa with bits-o-leftovers from the fridge: a chopped up hot dog, sliced scallions, the rest of last week's tofu, a handful or three of raw spinach leaves, etc. We experimented with different sauces/spices and discovered that just salt and pepper were the best additions. The whole meal was reminiscent of slightly desperate-but-tasty meals of one's early 20s).

Thursday: the last of the daal, but the emphasis was strawberries
(We had a small dinner and focused on dessert: strawberry shortcake. We also made strawberry preserves/syrup and froze a couple of ziplock bags of it. I hope freezing will work? We discussed freezing points and sugar and tried to think it through, but then decided that nothing bad could ever come of strawberries+sugar, even if the end result isn't exactly as predicted. Stay tuned...).

Friday: um, guacamole with tortilla chips, pretty much
(It was so filling, that we postponed the remainder of our planned meal for another day.We roughly followed Alton's recommendations:
But--we definitely did not let it sit for an hour before serving).

Saturday: tasty meal by S.
(We went to S&S's home for iftar. They had prepared a lovely meal and it was nice to spend the evening with them. A is still talking about the stuffed mushrooms. My tiny contribution was strawberry oatmeal squares, to take advantage of, well, straaaaawberrrrrrrrries. For the record, I used the hand blender to make the preserves smooth enough. This was the recipe I followed, but next time, I think I will use a leeetle less butter and more preserves.

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