Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grills, Bear

Sunday: cutest sliders ever
(With beef this time. And onions. And avocado. And pickles. Most importantly, though, we grilled them outside. I love this photo because wherever we live next, there will be things about our current apartment I will miss. The yellow flowers that our neighbor shakes her head at disappointingly--because they're messy. The gentleman on his scooter who cruises up and down the main road, you can see him in the distance, and the green-green-green of everything in July).
dinner prep view

Monday: pasties/empanadas/patties
(Puff pastry triangles stuffed with tastiness and baked, could be called a variety of things depending on which continent you decide you're inspired by. We referred to all three names at different points).

Tuesday: more patties
(Tuesday, they were definitely called patties, only pronounced "pehtiz."

Wednesday: chicken paprikash
(This was a rough-sad day. A made this; we ate outside under the light of a citronella candle).

Thursday: pizza and stuffed mushrooms
(The pizza was with dough A had made, topped with BBQ chicken and pesto. The mushrooms were inspired by our meal with S&S last weekend. A made those too).

Friday: leftovers of all of the above

Saturday: pizza
(With the rest of the dough from Thursday. And tomatoes from the local market. Etc. Here is a photo before more cheese was added and before it was baked:

But the most important thing about Saturday, that all should know? We saw a Real Bear while riding bikes. This has nothing to do with dinner other than to explain our large appetite. It was my first time seeing a bear swim across a creek. And though our heads were full of bear facts, when it stood on the bike trail post-swim and looked at us, we simply rode away and tried to sing, even though we were riding at less than 20mph, and we know bears can run at more than 30mph. Thankfully, it was not interested in us and lumbered off in the opposite direction).

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