Sunday, March 30, 2014

Steak to Snow

Last week's dinners:

Sunday: sirloin steak, green salad, mashed potatoes
(This is a really quick meal, isn't it? The potatoes boiled while we did other things, then everything got whipped together in the evening. We get all out beef from Baldwin Family Farms. I was happy when A google-satellite viewed the farm and we could see cows in an actual field, (maybe even happy?)
I'm sure something similar is available here, but we found this first and the beef is very tasty).

Monday: daal chawal (lentils)
(I love this dish so much. A makes it and swears it takes no time to prepare, just time to cook and simmer on the stove. I got home laaate from work Monday night, and it was so nice to smell this walking in the door. The fact that all of our clothes smell a little garlic-y and spicy afterwards is a small price to pay, but we do daydream one day about cooking with windows open to prevent it in the future).

Tuesday: leftover daal, mashed potatoes, and salad
(We were both exhausted Tuesday after work. Like really tired. I don't think we could even talk properly. We were grateful for leftovers).

Wednesday: cauliflower "fried rice" (with tofu and veggies)
(It took some googling to read a few of these recipes to figure out what would work. But, the end result is something that looks and tastes like fried rice but has only grated cauliflower. I've made it a couple of times based on different ingredients available. It's quite satisfying and also makes good lunch-for-the-next-day leftovers).

Thursday: "cracker fish" with green beans+roasted tomatoes
(Can I tell you about how easy this was to make? Here are the steps for the fish: Thaw cod. In a small bowl,  mix mayonnaise, mustard, garlic, and taragon. Spread the mixture on top of the fish. Crumble a few saltines on top of the mixture, so it looks like it's been breaded. The bake at 375 for about 20 minutes. Delicious.
And the green beans dish? Put chopped tomatoes--or cherry tomatoes--on a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Put it in the oven while the green beans boil. In the serving dish, mix: lemon juice, olive oil, brown mustard, green onions, salt and pepper. When the beans are boiled and the tomatoes roasted, toss all with the little sauce in the serving bowl. Voila).

Friday: crispy chicken, rice, and sauce
(A has been dreaming about breading chicken with cornstarch and frying it. His dream came true on Friday. He also made a nice sweet and sour sauce. It was a bit harder to find "good" chicken here, but I think we found some where the chickens are supposedly treated well and extra nastiness isn't added . . . and there is a difference in taste, believe it or not).

Saturday: tacos
(Oh, Western Pennsylvania! We had such other plans for Saturday night. But-but-but. Things don't always go as planned. We went to the grocery store instead, purchased tacostuffs and had excellent tacos. Adding some fake nacho-pepper-cheese sauce was a nice little surprise. Who knew? Also, it snowed Saturday night. Icy heavy sleety snow. So it was probably best that we were home and cozy, off the loony roads).

Bonus: Early in the week, we took out a lot of frozen cherries from the freezer. Remember last summer when there were tons of cherries everywhere? Me neither, but apparently there was such a time many months ago. More cherries than we knew what to do with! Anyway, we finally took them out of the freezer, pitted them, and dumped them into Marie Calendar pie crusts. And, with a few tiny steps, we had a tasty cherry pie. This was early in the week. There is something about having pie that makes me feel like, yeah, we've got it together. We have pie on weeknights . . .
Annnnd, Saturday night, I made cinnamon raisin bread. Um, it is so good. Here is the recipe I followed: World's Best Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I took me five hours from start to finish, though a lot of it is waiting for it to rise and such. I just point that out because the recipe suggests slightly less time. And, one of the best parts? I got the legendary raisin bread swirl! It's subtle, but hopefully you can still see it?

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