Sunday, March 23, 2014

black beans to five guys

I'm going to try to keep track of our dinners here, partly because it will be easy to go back and see what we've had when planning ahead and partly because I really enjoy reading others' menus for inspiration. 

Last  week's dinners:

Sunday: black beans, yellow rice (thank you turmeric), and fried plantains (plátanos maduros)
(We had just watched The Station Agent on Netflix. One of the characters made Cuban food and it looked really delicious. Also, the movie takes place in summer, which looked equally delicious. Also, we had beans, rice, and a blackening plantain all at home, ready to go without any need for a grocery trip. Awesome).

Monday: roasted eggplant + tomato (baingan bharta) with tortilla and plain yogurt
This was made by A; it was tasty-spicy. We had discussed whether or not an eggplant should be pierced prior to roasting. It had not been pierced and was roasting away in the oven when we heard a loud POP. What we saw proves that yeah, it probably should be pierced first):
busted baingan

Tuesday: french onion soup (leftover from the week prior) and roasted cauliflower
(This combo is probably something we won't repeat. It was a lot of beige. And, it felt like a lot of roughage).

Wednesday: pancakes, Hebrew National hot dogs, and cooked spinach
(One of the great things about being grown up is that if we want hot dogs and pancakes for dinner, we can have them. I'm picky about meats, but these hot dogs are aight. A liked maple syrup with all of the above, fyi). 

Thursday: okra, onions, and tomatoes . . . with rice
(I caramelized a lot of onions on my day off in preparation for this dish which A whipped together after work). 

Friday: small portions of quasi fancy food at worky event
(I guess small portions work well with formal clothing).

Saturday: Five Guys
(Although known for their burgers, consider this a PSA: their grilled veggie sandwich with cheese is also quite tasty). 


  1. Could you teach me how to caramelize onions? I've tried SO many times and have never been successful. Like the extreme opposite...many times dried up or burnt!

  2. I haven't had the experience of them getting dried out. What I usually do is use both oil and butter (I know, I know) and heat it a bit before adding the onions. Then I add the sliced onions, and stir them enough to get them coated in the fats. Thennnn, I have it on low-medium heat and allow for at least an hour or more, stirring every few minutes at first and then more frequently as time goes on. Sometimes I add a leeetle more butter depending on how things go. I like to have a good podcast or TV show as I do this, because it Always takes longer than any recipe has ever suggested . . .I think I've added a few pinches of sugar on occasion . .. how is that?