Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tacos to Tuna

Sunday: tacos again (leftovers)
(Sunday dinners are often slightly sad, huh? They're like a goodbye to the weekend. At least the tacos were good).

Monday: acorn squash and apple soup/crispy chicken and rice
(I had the soup which had been frozen a few months ago. We were buying apples by the bushel back then-- I learned how much a bushel is in Real Life. We had recently purchased a hand blender, so this soup was inevitable. And the repeat treat months later on a busy Monday was lovely. A had more chicken and rice. Again, hooray for Monday night leftovers).

Tuesday: taco salad, mostly
(Um, it's weeks like this where it's slightly embarrassing to admit what we eat each evening. A had also made some vegetables and rice. When we both got home from work, it was 70 degrees (!) so we HAD to go for a walk. Along with every other person in this city. It was amazing to see everyone emerge from their winter hibernation. Everyone was smiling. Kids were literally running around barefoot in mud and streams that still had ice and snow in them. The priority wasn't dinner).

Wednesday: chicken and bottled sauce
(These Sharwood's sauces were on sale. This meal was effortless and tasted totally Indian-food-legit . .  as far as I can tell these things ;))

Thursday: salad, topped with meaty leftovers
(You know, some weeks aren't about cooking).

Friday: pierogi pizza
(Ohmygoodness, this was a weird food! We bought it premade at the grocery store before realizing what it fully entailed. Apparently pierogi pizza means there is a layer of mashed potatoes between the crust and the cheese. We may not necessarily get this again). 

Saturday: tuna steak and green beans
(Our freezer served us well this week, and tuna purchased a while ago made a happy Saturday meal, pan seared with sesame seeds). 

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