Sunday, April 26, 2015

Things shaped like a golf ball

We recently celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. This seemed like a good time to eat the top of our wedding cake that has been tucked away in our freezer. The past 2 anniversaries were rather busy and I was uninspired to eat the cake. Did I mention that on the night of our wedding, the cake top was lovingly placed in a tupperware, then into a cooler? And the cooler toppled or something and it was a mashed up lemon-raspberry butter cream glob? And that is what we traveled across the country with? Through many thawings and re-freezings until it spent the next three years in our freezer? Yeah, the same cake!
Sooo, this year is different. It turns out cake balls are made from cake+frosting crumbles. So, I thawed the cake and  crumbled what was left in the tupperware. Then made little balls, then put them in the fridge. Theeeen, I dipped them in almond bark. But not before learning what almond bark is. And then. Dudes: cake balls. They were pretty sweet.
It's a cake ball. Or a cake pop minus the popstick.

Post-wedding, post-crumble. Pre-ball formation.

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  1. I love this! We didn't eat our cake on our first anniversary either. And I think it tasted just as good on year two. Congratulations on three wonderful years!