Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cabbage and Corn

Last week's meals:

Sunday: stuffed cabbage

(The meat inside was spiced, including fennel. We then blended a can of tomatoes yay handblender again and poured it on top. We also put cheese on top, because that's what Americans do. Leftovers the next day tasted like lasagna. Yum).

Monday: daal chawal
(I know I mention that this is quite delicious every time we have it, so, again: I'm grateful A whips this up frequently.)

Tuesday: leftovers & roasted cauliflower
(But, I did take a photo of A's lunch before I popped on the container lid. I thought it looked cute, like an old-school airplane meal. That's a spinach patty in the corner).

Wednesday: more daal, but also: fresh green beans!
(The green beans, "rattlesnake pole beans," were from my parents' garden, swept up during last week's very quick trip. They were amazing, such a delicious contrast from the satisfactory Costco frozen green beans.)

Thursday: the rest of the cabbage, cauliflower, & daal
(I should mention we had peach cobbler most nights for dessert this week. Peach season is juuust about over.)

Friday: grilled corn, fish sticks, pasta

(A quick meal prepared by tired people, reminiscent of what nearly every 4 year-old tells me her favorite foods are, minus the fish in fish sticks :) The corn was from a coworker's garden. Cooking it this way looked cool, but was not a success. Despite what the internet says, soaking it first would probably be an essential step. Alas.)

Saturday: the rest of some falafel from lunch in the Big City & more pasta
(We found a restaurant within 50 miles that serves falafel. And it was tasty! Great success. The song lyric that very subconsciously popped into my head, by Bishop Allen, "And, I think-- I can live here again.")

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