Sunday, August 31, 2014

Peanuts to Pies

Last week's meals:

Sunday: nothing really
(We were both on call. I had some peanuts and popcorn at some point.)

Monday: leftovers
(Not interesting, so far. Don't worry. The week gets better.)

Tuesday: pizza
(Like frozen pizza from the grocery store, with added goodies. The week still has room to get better. We were tired on Tuesday!)

Wednesday: achar gosht chicken, with yellow watermelon for dessert
(With yogurt and tortilla. This was thoughtfully made by A, and thus spicy. And tasty.)

Thursday: tomato pie!
(Oh my goodness, friends. Have you had this? Cool things happen when A takes a day off work. Today that cool thing was tomato pie. We bought a lot of tomatoes recently--so cheap and delicious from our local dudes this time of year-- and have been finding all sorts of uses for them, but this was especially nice. We also have a lot of bell peppers and they made the perfect pretty topping.)

1 comment:

  1. That tomato pie is making it's debut on my dinner table this week for sure. It looks delicious! And perfect for all my garden tomatoes!