Sunday, August 24, 2014

Keema and Turnips

Last week's meals:

Sunday: keema with peas
(Keema is very spicy ground beef. We also had yogurt and shredded cauliflower).

Monday: eftover keema
(Ditto Sunday)

Tuesday: cabbage and potatoes, with caprese salad
(We may or may not have recently "rediscovered" cabbage. We also had movie theater popcorn later.)

Wednesday: honestly? more leftover keema and lots of tomatoes
(Before dinner, after an awesome bike ride, we played the game of what-would-you-eat-if-we-lived-in-Phoenix? And then we shrugged and drove home.)

Thursday: cabbage, green beans, and baked pollock fish
(All of the above was extra tasty with horse radish sauce.)

Friday: sardines and garbanzos, with tomatoes and parlsey
(This was an attempt to not go grocery shopping, and inspired by this recipe:  First, the previously tinned sardines were dipped in flour, then fried in olive oil. The original BBC recipe is so much prettier with whole sardines intact. Then they were removed from the oil, and garlic + tomatoes + garbanzo beans + onions were added to the skillet, along with plenty of lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Once cooked, the fish was added back and fresh parsley stirred in. Not bad!)

Saturday: Stuffed turnips
(Stuffed with spinach, gorgonzola, and onions. Also ground nutmeg. These were weird, but kind of cute and not a bad way to eat a turnip. This recipe was inspired by . We also had some very late night Chipotle, courtesy of being on call.)

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