Sunday, August 17, 2014


Summer is funny when it comes to food. It seems like everything should be about food because there is so much fresh deliciousness literally growing from trees (and bushes and the ground). On the other hand, there is so much in general that the world just feels full and fun; it seems silly to focus only on food during these few weeks of sunshine and whimsy.

To recap, we had another 1-2 weeks of quick meals and more leftovers. Work was busy. We also had some lovely visitors and of course, different eating patterns.

Some summer highlights, culinary and otherwise:

1. Blueberries! Strawberries were so June. Now, it's blueberry season, and we've picked many at a local field. I love the sound of a blueberry landing in a plastic bucket. We made pies and muffins. We also add a handful to salads and packed lunches. And, this was especially fun with our guests.

2. Enrique Iglesias music videos. Yep, I'm a fan, obviously biased, but the Bailando video is so fun. ( Also living room dance parties in general: a highlight

3. Kids talking about The Fair. The county fair is this week and I love hearing kids talk about their prize winning rabbits or cheese or whatever. It's a big deal.

4. Weekends and walking. Biking too. It's nice to step outside for a walk at most hours of the day and not freeze. Weekends are when this is possible. Not doing this on weekdays is a struggle. I wonder if humans are meant to spend most hours inside sans sunshine.

5. Reading. I've caught up on some reading these past few weeks. The Fault in Our Stars (only sort of young adult fiction, really), Orange is the New Black (oh so not to be judged based on the show), Cutting for Stone, The Lowland . . . there are lots of good books in the world now. I'm grateful for the library. But I do need something light. Most of these books had heart-wrenching moments.

6. Marshmallows. A recent re-discovery now that we have found some that only have fish-based gelatin. I had forgotten how awesome they are. S'mores for everyone!

7. The super moon. It was pretty super, right?

(Maybe I'll get back to meal planning next week. The leaves are already starting to turn and the night air has a fall crispness to it already).

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