Wednesday, July 6, 2011

you know, like in The Mummy

There was a sandstorm last night. Please google "Phoenix dust storm 2011" and peruse the images. It was ridiculous. I was indoors, thankfully, and went to bed soon afterwards.

This morning (sidenote: I loooooooove not going into work until 9am. It's like a halfday or something), I walked the dog around my neighborhood. Everything was beige and gritty. Everything. A few people were outside sweeping or hosing off cars, but mostly it was quiet and unicolor. Peaceful and strange.

My favorite image was a front porch with three kitchen chairs all facing each other, clearly the scene of friendship. An ashtray lay between the chairs, none of them very dusty (striking). I love the idea of three amigos sitting outside during the utter craziness, smoking, chatting, watching walls of dust envelope their neighborhood.

1 comment:

  1. Woah. That looks like a crazy sandstorm!

    Love the peacefulness that follows that kind of weather.