Tuesday, May 31, 2011


1. I've been working nights the past few days (nights). The hospital at night when you're not busy (the case these days, long story) reminds me of exploring basements in college. Each night, the person with whom I worked and I created something. For whimsy. One night it was a plastic wrap maze in our lounge. Floor to ceiling plastic wrap walls created a pathway. Amazing. I'll post photos when I figure out how to do so. Last night was something even more glorious and definitely more whimsical. We had a vision, and to make it perfect, we hunted (oh we hunted) around abandoned wings of the hospital (part of the long story) for supplies. It doesn't matter to the story what we made to tell you the best part. Each person who walked in the next morning and saw it, had a look of pure wonder on his or her face. Then, most laughed at loud, and many walked closer to examine it in all its glory. My favorite was V, who walked in, gasped a little, then whispered,"que bonito." She rarely speaks Spanish around us, unless she's teaching me useful slang.
The morning, watching everyone come in was beautiful.

2. SER just sent me a song. I had just rolled over in bed from a long spring nap, checked e-mail, and voila, the Dave Rawlings Maching was there performing Sweet Tooth. I wanted to jump inside the little living room and clap my hands. Beautiful.

3. As I was watching and listening to Sweet Tooth, I got a text from my sister, vacationing in what may be one of the most beautiful places on earth. She sent a photo that took my breath away. (Pause while I look again. Okay, thanks).

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