Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old School

Patient's dad, to me: Does your office have somewhere I can send her information to? Like an e-mail or something?
Patient (11-year-old smarty, rolling her eyes): Please dad. E-mail is so old school. How about fax?

Overheard, two nine-ish year old boys excitedly telling a story to a third boy. The story began, "Okay, so do you know what a typewriter is?"

So, the math is obvious. These kids were born in the 2000s. Like half of all kids. Still, it struck me. I forget about the newness of the world, especially when there are plenty of things that are seemingly timeless about childhood (being a Michael Jackson fan is refreshingly universal). I feel like I should be collecting my own childhood stories (once universal) about the painstaking process of a mixed tape. Or eagerly awaiting news whilst checking a tangible mailbox. Or having someone call the house and having to talk to my father before talking to me. Oooooold school.

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