Thursday, October 21, 2010


A lunchtime chat with a friend. She put sunchips in her peanut butter sandwhich. We spoke of Costco produce and webcams and high school renunions and religion and relationships and, among other things, came to the obvious conclusion that many (most?) major religions, if practiced actively will result in pretty much the same day-to-day activities and actions. Being kind etc. You've had this conversation too, perhaps.


Later that day, visiting a different friend in a hospice bed, I sat to his right. My sister sat to his left. He brightened and allowed his eyes to twinkle. We spoke of dogs and skateboarding and breast cancer cookies and creepy wheelchairs. Sometimes he made more sense than others. He probably thought the same about us. At one point, out of nowhere, he referenced the television, (muted, the evening news and political ads playing silently), "There's an Easter special on tonight. Which probably seems like a crazy foreign holiday to you people." Then he giggled. My sister and I looked at each other, a little bewildered, shrugged, then smiled as well.

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