Friday, October 15, 2010


The Chilean miners etc etc etc.
We all had shivers and some of us (ahem) might have shed a few irrepressible tears.
What struck me was this: They have been through a lot, and upon emerging from the dark (avec cool Oakley shades) with the entire world watching and cheering and ahem-crying along with them, they only had eyes for the few family members they had missed.
I would guess that they maybe-kinda wanted to forget about the rest of the world for a few seconds. Or they just did. Forget. Happily so. For a few seconds. How sweet those seconds must have been.

Though. Unlike many recent events that have the potential to be polarizing, this one was something that made many of us completely unable to forget the rest of the world. Not just the Chilean part. But the part in front of our noses. I found myself seeking to share this moment of triumph, of Pure Good News with anyone-everyone. I exchanged text pages with another resident during rounds. ("#19 is out!") One of the housekeeping ladies and I rejoiced, each of us attempting triumphant words. The feeling of being compelled to seek another human, most often a stranger, had a fraction of the magnitude of a buried man being compelled to embrace his true amoure. But still, it was there. That feeling.

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