Sunday, March 8, 2015

slow cooker vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian crock pot recipes are hard to come by, and I'm always looking for more. I made two this weekend. They didn't really photograph well :)
First, Turkish Barley Soup. Mostly based on this recipe: flavor in this soup is just. So. Good. I've made it several times and always wonder why I don't make it even more often. The one change I make is adding only half of a cinnamon stick and taking it out after a few hours. It's a pretty strong flavor. I must confess that I also made meatballs that day, at A's request, and they eased this soup into omnivorehood easily.
Then, today, I made black bean soup, inspired by a recipe from the Washington Post:

Here is what I did: 3 cans of black beans + 3ish cups of broth + half an onoin + 2 adobo peppers in sauce + handful of chopped bell pepper (from the freezer) + smaller handful of chopped sun dried tomatoes (dried last summer, also from the freezer) + can of green chiles + generous sprinkles of cumin& red chili pepper. All of that went into the crock pot, on high for 3-4 hours, then on low for another hour or so. Then, I used a stick blender to make it pretty smooth, but still left some smaller chunks.
We served it with plain yogurt, cilantro, some mozzarella cheese and some little fried onions. Salsa or avocado would have been ideal. This recipe could vary a lot based on whatever is on hand. (I think I'm glad I didn't have the carrot or celery that the original recipe called for).

This week, I also made egg drop soup. Broth + soy sauce + ginger + beaten egg. Very comforting.

(It was a good soup week, maybe as an adieu to winter . . .)

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