Sunday, October 5, 2014


Seven meals from the last 2 weeks, which included an awesome visit from an awesome tia and several busy days . . . days are approximate:

Sunday: "fried-rice" cauliflower with shrimp
(With plenty of garlic+ginger+onions and peas. But no rice.)

Monday: baked cod with chili pepper sweet sauce with spinach
(And a coupla cherry tomatoes from our porch-garden. This is the recipe that I found years ago which inspires this frequent meal. I've adapted it quite a bit, but this is a perfect starting point: )

Tuesday: burgers and grilled bok choy
(Did anyone else forget how tasty bok choy is? We did. But now have been reminded that it's fab. We brushed it with olive oil, salt and pepper before grilling. Because the grill happened to run out of gas, we finished under the broiler inside. Delicious.)

Wednesday: La Bella
(Awesome restaurant in the second biggest nearby city. It was so so good, which we don't say often about restaurants in said city. Such a treat. There's something to be said about a chef/owner who really loves what he does and seems to really want to make sure each diner is pleased with her meal.)

Thursday: stuffed bell peppers
 (Stuffed with a mixture of available ingredients: black beans, spinach, potatoes, chili peppers, onions, cumin, lime juice, red pepper flakes. Our very generous neighbor gave us the bell peppers that inspired this meal. I didn't boil them first, cooking them in a baking pan with water in the bottom of the pan at 350 for about 45-60 minutes)

Friday: a tasty variety of Pakistani food, lots, with plenty of yogurt
(Made by A's aunt, hosting us for the night and feeding us so well.)

Saturday: leftovers and crab dip
(The crab dip was an indulgent impulse buy from an earlier shopping trip, and it went well with soft bread that accompanied leftovers from the week. The bok choy was still really good.)

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