Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"So the plumber came by today."
"Really? I thought it was sposed to be the AC guy."
"I thought so too! But, nope, plumber. And it was embarrassing. I wanted him to look at the toilet. And the kitchen sink. But hadn't cleaned anything."
"Ohhhh. Yeah. So? Did he fix them?"
"Well, while he was fiddling with the sprinkler, I ran inside to make sure the bathroom was clean. While he fiddled with the toilet, I slipped away and washed a bunch of dishes so he could look at the sink. But, yeah, they're fine now. . . How was your day?"
"Ha, get this. I sat in on some law enforcement lectures . . . and learned about preparing and evaluating possible crime scenes. They said to be suspicious if the house is really dirty, like sinks full of dishes and stuff. And to be extra suspicious if the homeowner slips away while you are in one room in order to go and clean another."
"So what you're saying is . . ."
"Yeah. "

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  1. i miss you - in a not sad way - in an i love you kinda way :)