Thursday, March 31, 2011

pretty paper/music+pretty paper

Oh baby, I love stationary. Always have. I've saved a box full of pretty paper, cards, and things which have the potential to evolve into something upon which sweet nothings may be written. The box is getting out of hand. It also has a lot of stuff in it which probably won't evolve. Last night (inspired by a chapter in the book, The Happiness Project), I went through the box, tossed a few things, and organized the rest. It was weird to throw away a magazine featuring artsy films from 2006, which I had picked up in St. Louis. I had once thought the still images could be made into funny greeting cards, but last night, as I organized, it felt too much like thievery to use those images for anything else. I remember a few really lovely weeks in St. Louis, and somehow tightly associate the magazine with that experience. (I'm sighing now a little. I had such nice walks there).
Anyway, little by little, I was able to toss several things into the recycling bin, and revive several things I haven't seen since (literally) second grade. I also learned it's best to Use stuff when the thought arises. Stationary is not meant to be saved in a box. That teddy bear stationary from 6th grade that I thought was too precious to use up at the time? It now feels slightly on the creepy side. So, by going through the box, I reacquainted myself with what I can share. Lovely.


As I organized the box, my (newish) dog was at my side, offering his input with gentle nudges, but mostly just snoozes. A Blue Merle CD was playing, and I had had a bizarre enough day with plenty of pondering fodder. Such peace.

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