Wednesday, February 9, 2011

13th: Your Favorite Smells

It's funny, but the prospect of writing about my favorite smells seems incredibly personal.
I secretly think that a lot of us dig the same smells. The ones that I'm drawn to particularly? I don't feel like sharing.

My most recently discovered favorite smell, though? Sure, I'll share. I was on call in the ICU, 30 hours in the unit. Only one resident is on call at a time, so despite the nurses and respiratory therapists and patients, it does feel a little lonely. It's easy to get cabin fever of sorts. Etc etc etc. Around hour 24, I went to wash my face and brush my teeth. As I washed my face, a feeling of happy anticipation came over me. I felt refreshed and content and appreciated. I felt like I was about to go on a picnic with my true love. (Which, in case it needs stating, was pretty much the exact opposite of what the rest of the morning had in store). The feeling was explained in a few seconds as I realized I had grabbed my "travel toiletries" when putting my call bag together the day before. The face soap was the tiny bottle of stuff I only use when traveling back east.


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