Monday, February 7, 2011

12th: Something You Crave

Wow, I love brie cheese. I love most cheese. I cheered for the Packers on Sunday because of their close association with cheese.

Even more than cheese? I love strolling with a friend. Walking past open fields in bizarre Missouri with akh was one of the key factors to survival during a couple of bewildering years. We would walk after an exam or when the sun shone or when the sun didn't shine. We walked to move (how great is movement), and we walked to figure out all things family-medicine-love-decisions-silliness. Having a best friend live in the same apartment complex, which just happened to be located near trails and sidewalks, was such a blessing. I crave a walk with akh, so we can, you know figure things out.

Exploring with ser was often an epic experience. We fed off the slightly whimsical side in each other; no walk was without a story that we could retell with zeal. The time we spied on Mark Twain at Starbucks? The time we saw a building almost get destroyed by a wrecking ball and did nothing to stop it (which was the same time we found a fireman boot and a mysteriously lost stamped letter)? Or the nonwalks when we just threw balls in the hallway? What was that about? I crave an adventure with ser, you know, just to play with magic and chance a little.

Today, I was thinking of these two friend in particular, how much I Miss strolling with them, when I arrived home. My sister greeted me. The dog we are sitting also greeted me with a full spin and tailwag. Wanna go for a walk? Yes. In the park, we sighed over the cute babies and puppies and the hot biker with headphones and teal shoes. We chatted about the day and giggled over the dog's pure enthusiasm. Another craving: fulfilled.

And, I had brie in my salad for dinner. Excellent.

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