Saturday, January 8, 2011

3rd: Something You Never Leave Home Without

What do you never leave home without? How does one answer this question without being obvious (my keys) or cheesy ( a swing in my step) ?

Something that has baffled me my entire movie-watching life is the ability for heroines, scientists, and lady villains to go about their awesomeness with long, flowing locks of hair. It never gets in the way. A strand never falls onto the petri dish. It always blows just the right way in a convertible. It swoops dramatically and poignantly in fight scenes. And it looks fantastic the whole time.

My hair doesn't do this. If it's not physically in the way, it's looking unkempt after a long day. This is a little thing, yes, in the grand scheme of life's many things, but entire days are better when I know I have a hair tie on my wrist. Just in case. For those, you know, moments of potential awesomeness.

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