Sunday, January 24, 2016

West Valley Eateries

The west valley of the Phoenix area that is. We've done some exploring. We've really enjoyed having more restaurants available and not ever having to worry about snow interfering with plans or spontaneity. So, a few quick notes on some places that have been awesome.

Song Lynn for Vietnamese food. We've only had the pho. But we've had it several times. And it's the best yet. We've tried another place that was a little closer, but it didn't have the same near-perfect flavor.

Pita Palms for falafel. They have other things too, like exceptional baba ganoush, but let's focus on the falafel. It is such a good feeling to know that stellar falafel exists so close by.

Wok Wei for standard American-Chinese. Maybe I was extremely hungry when we went there (true), but it definitely hit the spot. Their garlic generosity was probably a big part of it. Delicious.

Akaihana for sushi. Fresh and tasty. What else does one ask for with sushi? Their excellent happy hour specials are a bonus.

I think I'll continue to update this as needed. Maybe I'll do another post of the East Valley which would be rather lengthy. . .

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