Thursday, August 1, 2013

Slug update

Things are better! Thanks to much advice, trial and error, and to Google, we have saved a few of our marigolds! Here is what may be working for us:
First and foremost we've been straight up slug hunting. We go out before bedtime with flashlights and pick the critters off. There are many. Most get slid into a grate with a lot of, well, moistness, beneath it. Some stubborn ones get a sprinkle of salt (as suggested!). This is easier for me to do after watching an action movie and I'm feeling more violent. Otherwise, they just sloooooowly-carefully get scooted towards the grate.
Then: coffee grounds! Egg shells! For each remaining marigold! Between the coffee, eggs, and salt, it's like a bizarre repellent breakfast.

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