Friday, July 26, 2013

This means war?

We have a tiny gardenette. It's cute and precious and we are learning as we go. A few weeks ago, we proudly planted marigolds. And hydrangea. And okra. But back to our lovely marigolds. They were sweet and yellow and quite literally made me smile each time I gazed upon them. Then they started disappearing! Getting beheaded under the moon each night! Was it rabbits? Neighborhood children? Tonight we snuck up on them and MAY have found the culprit. Slugs?! We didn't have any beer, so have set water + baking yeast + mouthwash traps and tried to protect them with netting. I have such a fire in my belly to defeat these critters. Stay tuned.


  1. Sprinkling salt also works. I hope you win the battle!

  2. salt. okay. yes. will try salt next. thank you!