Friday, September 14, 2012

Hem and Haw

There are many many funny things about working not-quite 40 hours a week. One is the widening of one's perspective of what is acceptable living. For example, sudden realization: my pants don't NEED to drag on the ground just because they are a little too long. (My sister is rolling her eyes from afar).
Thanks to pinterest leading me to this:
I was able to hem some pants sans machine, whilst watching a 42 minute TV show on Netflix. It's quite possible feelings of triumph followed. Seven centimeters vanished.
It's okay that the photo doesn't capture it. It's just sort of amazing what we learn we're able to do.

P.S. On a similar note, a patient's grandma asked me to tell her grandson (age 10) that it's not okay to have holes in your socks. I felt used, and ended up saying that my grandma would probably agree with his grandma. Inside, though, I was wondering if pinterest has some sweet darning ideas, and then my mind wandered to Little House on the Prairie, where I'm pretty sure they mended socks, then to my own history of actually mending favorite socks imperfectly (even when in residency), then back to the kid who was wistfully explaining how "very small holes" shouldn't be such a big deal.

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