Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Pssst. I'm in a new place. Most locals have not yet noticed my presence,* and I've not taken any courses on how to adapt to this new climate and surroundings.
Some things I've learned so far, a few days in, as we set up our home:

1. Things don't dry here if you hang them up and think they will dry. There is a strange and constant moisture in the air. The natives don't wear any special masks and seem to go about their business with ease, so I find comfort in that.

2. These same natives hang out in their garages. As in, hang out, sit in lawn chairs (despite every residence having a sweet porch), and chat next to their car with the garage door open to the street. It's not just one strange neighbor (as was the case in my former 'hood), it's like, everyone. I wonder if it is to lessen the effects of the moist air, or to gaze at their Buick whilst drinking. I haven't asked yet. Or tried it myself. Stay tuned.

3. This was seen at the entrance to a local shop (called "Wal-Mart"). It seems to be a game aimed at youngsters (based on the prizes), but the graphic seems to be aimed at pimps. Is there a strange population subset that I need to learn more about? Or are these machines all over the country and I've just never noticed them before?

* though I was told today that my photo will be in a local newspaper soon. The photo was taken today in all my awkward ill-adapted-hair glory. Le sigh.

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