Saturday, November 12, 2011


Things I'm digging right now/nonessential indulgences:

The album Humor Risk by Cass McCombs. I'm listening to it now for just the first time, but I'm liking the oooold school sweet sound of it. Like circa 1963/2011 or something? Robin Egg Blue is the catchiest thus far.

Spotify, with which I'm listening to aforementioned tunes. I recommend it. It's like a magical and legal musical dream come true.

My landlord's sweet speakers, ideal for previous two items.

A dress I keep thinking about that I tried on at H&M today. It was so cute and comfy and simultaneously fancy. I couldn't even fathom an occasion where I might ever wear it (alas), so of course didn't get it. But.

A day + A night off from work. Ohemgee. Not to complain about work here, but these days off aren't just a change of pace. They are a reprieve. So grateful for this moment.

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