Sunday, September 4, 2011


Bizarre revelation I expressed aloud to the ER attending yesterday: I love the ER. Every year, when I've spent a month there (always in August), it's been my overall favorite month. I do love the clinic for all the well newborns and the ongoing continuity... getting to see kids grow over time is pretty amazing (though logistics and practice-management part are tiring). And, I dig the ICU for its raw potency and the intricacy of the medicine itself (though the hours are long). But the ER has lots of instant gratification and a dream schedule. It appeals to the most basic-fun part of medicine. I had several moments of triumph this week, making several diagnoses based entirely on talking with the patient and physical exam, and then have them crystal-clear confirmed with xrays or ct scans or whatever. Fun. The variety in a pediatric emergency department is actually pretty incredible, and there is much more thoughtfulness that goes into treating kids urgently (as opposed to my experience with adults in an ER, which was just. so. draining. No offense, adults).

A huge reason, why I love (love) it, is the 40 hours per week schedule.

I had today off. The whole day. I woke up at the usual 6am time, out of habit, and went for a long walk with a precious dog. I was filled with love for sunrise, for cooler air (86 degrees is blissful), and for the park in which I walked. It was green. Their were other dogs. Other joggers. Honking geese. A family playing soccer. Several disc golfers. Many bikers. There was a man playing his recorder, literally beside the babbling creek that runs through the park.

Summers in Arizona are like winters in many other places. Lucky people stay inside, mostly, and venture out only to their cars, and then only to dash into another building.

To see all this life so early in the morning was like the emergence of a light and energy that comes with optimism or a fresh breeze.

I then came home, sweaty and happy, and drove to a farmer's market where I discovered a new kind of eggplant I can't remember the name of. My sister joined me in the trip and knew which tamale stand was worth a purchase.

You know, etc. It's been a lovely day. And it is because I had a Sunday morning free free free.

And that is why I love the ER.

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