Thursday, March 3, 2011

Text / Friendship

(I love many books). I'm trying to comb through the things I own, thinking about what is necessary and what is not. There are three books that I can say, with confidence, I no longer need (or even want for sentimental value). One is a gross anatomy study guide. The other two are pediatric medicine study guides intended for medical students. You must understand that I have a hard time getting rid of the paper materials. The what-ifs of the future haunt me. But. I have another complete anatomy reference, and I have plenty more pediatrics books (and knowledge!) now that supersede a study guide. Whew. I looked online to sell them, and they're selling for notmuch. So, I am just going to give them to current med students. Easy.

Here's the thing. I'm realizing how cool it is that things that have literally no use to me, despite once being extremely (vitally?) useful, may serve a purpose again. But not to me. To someone else. Textbooks are the most literal example. Perhaps it is possible to expand this to less obvious areas. Onward.


I can see why people might be afraid of birds. There were these geese. And ducks. And another gorgeous bird with a U shaped neck, perhaps a swan. They squinted their eyes and emitted threatening sounds as they glared at the two teenage girls walking by. They elongated their necks and aimed their beaks at the girls' knees. Terrifying, right? The girls squealed, grabbed each other, and leapt off the sidewalk in a fit of incredulity.
It was good the girls had each other.

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