Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17th-20th: Por Fin

Let's finish this twenty post intermission in a last dashing swoop, yes? Then: onward! New topic!

17th: Your Celebrity Crush

Ain't no celebrity crush like an adolescent crush. Tee hee. That Keanu Reeves. Oh, that Keanu. I will probably name a future pet or band after you. With Speed and A Walk in the Clouds, you allowed me to swoon like every teenager should.

18th: Post a Bit of Your Last AIM Conversation
(Most of my last conversation was accidentally deleted):

me: sheesh. can u plz send everything you have typed since my last comment
it closed accidentally, the window.
A: I see
I said i am almost asleep
me: thats all?
A: Now
Thats all
I saw u run off
me: oh ok. me too. im drifting-typing. we must chat later
ok? ok.
ttyl then. sleep sweet.
A: Ok byee
Sleep well

19th: What Turns You Off?

Only fatigue or cruelty turns me off, (whatever turning off means exactly).

20th: Tell the Story Behind one of Your Scars

When I was 17, I jumped into a swimming pool with the enthusiasm of youth. It was something I did twice daily most days of the week. This time, though, perhaps I was thinking of a certain celebrity. Or something. I leaped, arms high. As I my toes-hips-torso entered the water, my arms lagged behind, specifically an elbow. It hit the floor of the pool deck as the remainder of me attempted water entry. There was a lot of pain. And blood. And now, there is this faint pink shiny area and the tippytop of my elbow that has never quite recovered.

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