Friday, January 21, 2011

8th: 15 Facts About You

1. February is the most potent of all months, the most dramatic and condensed. And, it's just around the corner.
2. I just watched No Impact Man, the documentary about a family who lived in an incredibly green-sustainable way for a year. I do admire such idealism-optimism-activism.
3. Having enough socks, specifically trouser socks for work, has added an unexpected amount of ease to my mornings.
4. Today, a teenage girl (after I had given a lecture to a group of teenage girls covering topics that merit lectures to teenage girls) told me I reminded her of Becca from Superbad, "Yeah, Becca, you know, the little girlfriend of the skinny guy who isn't McLovin."
5. I don't know the significance of the above statement.
6. There is so much to read in this world, isn't there? And so much to see and do. It blows my mind. Daily.
7. I once spent two years sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. The logic behind such an act was faulty. But. I really really love my bed now.
8. In an alternate (or future) universe, I'm probably a late night DJ on public radio. Ideally with a good friend.
9. Sometimes I forget the 80s were like a generation ago.
10. Activities that consistently soothe: swimming, walking outside, watching America's Next Top Model, being warm enough, and reading a novel while within the physical presence of another person not reading a novel.
11. Activities that get under my skin: rush hour, emergency math, and grocery store stalkers (not stockers).
12. My last library fine was ridiculous because I had the due dates off by an entire month in my head. An entire month. So, there's a small library-trip hiatus going on now.
13. The concept of public libraries is one of the most beautiful I can imagine. Good job, history.
14. The concept of fitness gyms is one of the most bizarre I can imagine. Appreciated and all, but really, such a symbol of modernity . . .
15. It is probably true that taking responsibility for one's own actions adds to one's happiness, but is also harder to do than not taking responsibility. This isn't an original thought, but I have found it to be true. The end.

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