Saturday, January 8, 2011

20 Post Intermission

I'm proposing (and accepting) a brief intermission from the usual bloggy stuff. Writing prompt time! I stole this list from another coupla blogs. The next 20 posts will be as listed below. It might be a bit too much navel-gazing, so I'm reserving the right to change the list as boredom dictates.
I think this might be an ongoing episode of thievery, as afterwards perhaps I'll choose another 20 post theme or project. Recently, for example, I've been intrigued by minimalist-living. And acts of rebellion. Also nutrition. We'll see what happens.

  1. Your work space.
  2. The best part of your day.
  3. Something you never leave home without.
  4. Last book you read.
  5. Say something to your 15-year-old self
  6. Talent y0u wish you had.
  7. Last item you purchased
  8. 15 Facts about you.
  9. Your favorite thing right now.
  10. Your favorite teacher.
  11. Something you’re thankful for.
  12. Something you crave.
  13. Favorite smells.
  14. Last time you cried.
  15. Last time you had to apologize to someone.
  16. Something that really bugs you.
  17. Celebrity crush.
  18. Post a bit of your last AIM conversation
  19. What turns you off?
  20. The story behind one of your scars.

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