Monday, December 20, 2010


I didn't think I was really up for a plane conversation. But, you know, sometimes it happens.
A businessman from Kentucky, talking about a recent trip to Mexico and his son's high school baseball career. He showed me pesos that he had carried with him, then showed me photos of his all-star son. He told several stories (some crazy, most not), and kept apologizing for talking so much, but he hadn't slept in a long time and that makes him hyper and the words just kept coming.
He said he loved Mexico because people there are willing to have a conversation, that conversing with a stranger sometimes just. happens. "Like now," he said. "Look around this plane. No one else is chatting. You and I chatting is pretty rare in the US, ya know?"

I responded, only one of maybe three full sentences during the two hour flight, "Actually that is something I find in Kentucky every time I go, unlike any place in the West or Southwest. People greet each other and chat. I find it so refreshing."

"Really? Well, that means a lot coming from you. Other people have told me that about Kentucky, but I never believed them. They were always businessmen, and you know, you can't really take what they say too seriously."


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